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Re: [tycho-user] Resolution of packages containing "impl" in their names

  Thanks for the quick reply.
The OSGi-fied library exports many other packages with the same ".SNAPSHOT" suffix and these are successfully resolved by tycho.


On 21/12/2015 11:42, Andreas Sewe wrote:
Hi Christiano.

Tycho complains (only) on these packages:

Resolution errors:
   Bundle org.eclipse.kura.protocol.zigbee - Missing Constraint:
Import-Package: org.bubblecloud.zigbee.api.cluster.impl.api.core;
   Bundle org.eclipse.kura.protocol.zigbee - Missing Constraint:
The ".SNAPSHOT" suffix looks suspicious. (What do you want to accomplish
with this?) Try to drop it and see if the problem still persists.

Hope this helps.


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