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[tycho-user] Resolution of packages containing "impl" in their names


  Il looks like Tycho has problems resolving the imports from bundles exporting packages which contain "impl" in their names.

I understand that importing "impl" or "internal" packages is a bad idea and that other plugins (e.g. maven-bundle-plugin) by default don't export these packages but I'm trying to OSGi-fy an existing third party library and I need to import all of it's packages in another bundle.

Tycho complains (only) on these packages:

Resolution errors:
   Bundle org.eclipse.kura.protocol.zigbee - Missing Constraint: Import-Package: org.bubblecloud.zigbee.api.cluster.impl.api.core; version="2.0.3.SNAPSHOT"
   Bundle org.eclipse.kura.protocol.zigbee - Missing Constraint: Import-Package:; version="2.0.3.SNAPSHOT"

Note that the OSGi-fied library exports the packages in the MANIFEST, for example:;x-internal:=false;version="2.0.3.SNAPSHOT"

I had to add the "x-internal:=false" to suppress Eclipse "Access restriction" errors.

The above happens with Tycho 0.20 and 0.24.

Is there something else I could try before giving up and embedding the third party jar to the lib/ directory of my bundle?

Is this behavior (filtering "impl" packages) documented anywhere?



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