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Re: [tycho-user] Using --update-snapshots with Tycho

On 12/14/2015 08:24 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Thanks Jan (and Nick),

This reminds me of another question ... mostly just curious. I seem to recall a bug to allow Tycho's p2 cache to be specified independently of the local maven artifacts cache -- I *think* so they could be "cleaned" (deleted) independently. Or did I just dream that? I could not find any bug on this in Tycho, searching for "p2 cache". I am just curious if this is possible. I do not have a concrete use-case in mind, except that in some builds, I could imagine the maven artifact cache would be more "stable" than the p2 cache.
The p2 cache is in $M2_REPO/.cache/tycho. You can delete this folder independently of other ones and it will give you the expected result (re-computation and downloads of p2 artifacts from remote sites only), at least it was doing that last time I tried a while ago ;)
Maybe you can also only delete the $M2_REPO/.cache/tycho/p2-repository-metadata folder. My expectation if you do so is it wouldn't take into account cache at all during resolution, but might take advantage of local downloaded binaries to avoid re-downloading them. However, I never tried it so I cannot say whether may assumption is right or not, you'll have to try.

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