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[tycho-user] Making "Check for Updates" work after feature rename (using p2.inf?)

Hi all,

one of our features (built with Tycho, of course) is about to be
renamed, from org.example.old to

Obviously, we want to allow users of org.example.old to automatically
update to using "Check for Updates". Using a p2.inf
together with the feature makes this possible [1] :-) =
    update.range = 0.0.0
    update.severity = 0

Alas, with this definition in place it is no longer possible to update
from one version of to an even newer version of this
feature :-(.

Looking at the content.jar, I found the following:

  <unit id='' version='1.0.0'
    <update id='' range='0.0.0' severity='0'/>

The single <update> element indeed seems to suggest that org.example.old
-> is the only valid upgrade path.

I attempted to manually add a second <update> element for, but that didn't have the desired effect.
Also, the following cargo-cult p2.inf didn't work [2]. =
    update.0.range = 0.0.0
    update.0.severity = 0 =
    update.1.range = 0.0.0
    update.1.severity = 0

So, is there a way to tell p2 (using Tycho) that 2.0.0
is an update for both 1.0.0 *and* also for any version
of org.example.old. Maybe p2iu.xml's can do the trick [3], but I
honestly don't know how, given the (lack of) available documentation.

Any help is thus greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,


[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>

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