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[tycho-user] source feature not working without sourceTemplateFeature, if using shared license

Hi friends,


We build source features. Recently I tried adding a shared license feature. The aggregator now fails during source feature builds with


Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-source-feature-plugin:0.23.1:source-feature (source-feature) on project Source feature depends on 'sourceTemplateFeature/', entry 'copyrightURL'. However, this key could not be found -> [Help 1]


If I add a which duplicates my license.feature/, then it works. However, this seems counter intuitive, given that the shared license should avoid license related duplications.


The Tycho source feature integration test example for shared licenses ( also includes a sourceTemplateFeature folder (and thereby avoids this error using duplication). Is that duplication really the intended Tycho workflow or might that error message indicate a Tycho bug, which is only triggered in the absence of sourceTemplateFeature?

Ciao, Michael

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