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[tycho-user] How to add required bundle to packaged plug-in?

Hello everyone,

In my plugin setup, I have 2 projects (both are OSGI bundles, built with Tycho), one provides some functionalities (let's call it "Core")  and another one is actual plugin, that is using those functionalities (let's call it "Plugin").

Plugin imports Core with "Require-Bundle" directive in its MANIFEST.MF file. Both Eclipse and build process don't have any problem with it.

When I want to create an update site for Plugin, everything goes smoothly, but Core.jar is not included in the final Plugin.jar, which leads to "missing requirement" when I want to install my Plugin in Eclipse. I've tried to solve it with Maven's copy-dependencies, but this approach does not work.

Bottom line, I guess that my question is how can I set up Tycho to include required bundle in deployment version of my plugin?

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Best regards,


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