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[tycho-user] Setting version numbers only if the bundles have changed


I am trying to configure our Tycho build to update the version numbers of our bundles, but only if they have changed. The rule for the new version name is 2.1.7.${current_date:yyyyMMdd}.

I configured the tycho-versions-plugin according to the example

<!-- This updates the version numbers of the POM, bundles, etc. -->

and I configured the tycho-buildstamp-jgit and tycho-p2-plugin according to the documentation

        <!-- This configured git support for examining the bundles and only updating the versions if they change. -->

Updating the versions works fantastically, but every bundle is still getting updated such that every day all of our files with version numbers will change. Do I have something configured incorrectly for only getting updates when jgit detects changes?

Thanks for your time,

Jay Jay Billings
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Twitter Handle: @jayjaybillings

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