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[tycho-user] Problem setting locale for SWTBot with tycho

Hi all,

I'm running SWTBot tests against my e4 rcp application in my tycho build with the help of the tycho-surefire-plugin which I configured according to

So far everything worked fine. I can execute the tests in my Eclipse IDE and I also can execute them in my tycho-build via "integration-test"-phase.

But I run into problems because the locale of the maven-tycho builds seems to differ from the locale of my eclipse ide execution. For example I test a button with SWTBot and with maven the locale seems to be "en" because it's a "cancel"-button whereas in my eclipse execution with SWTBot the button is localized to german ("Abbrechen" for "cancel"), so the locale is "de".

I would like to set the locale of my maven SWTBot Execution to "de" but I cannot get it to work for me. I already tried:

* my .product-file includes a program argument:
	-nl de_DE
* configuring tycho-surefire-plugin with:
* I also tried to set the above arguments to "argLine" and "appArgLine" configuration

So far nothing worked out.

Can anyone give me a hint what's missing?

Best Regards

Joachim Bleidiessel

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