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Re: [tycho-user] Mirrror miss strategy

If you have the professional edition of Artifactory you can enable P2 aggregation in a virtual repository. We do this to setup a Virtual Repository that aggregates about a dozen Software Sites for each major release of Eclipse we target, and IUs are cached from on demand. Our developers then use only our Artifactory for P2 repository definitions. For optimal results you should have these repositories configured similar to this


Virtual Repository

  P2 - Enabled

 P2 - Remote P2 Repositories > Add > Add


Remote Repository

Basic Settings - URL -

Packages - P2 Repository Support – enabled


If you don’t already have a Remote Repository like for all of like this, then when you add the first Remote P2 to the Virtual Repository it should create one for you. The purpose of having the singular Remote Repository for the whole site is you then have one shared cache that all Virtual Repositories use.


If you named the above Virtual Repository ‘eclipse-luna’ then you could use as the URL of your P2 layout repository in your pom.xml.


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in our company we are using artifactory for p2 mirrors. Our Tycho builds now use target platforms pointing to eg and we define mirrors in our maven settings.


Now we also have some update sites that change quite frequently and artifactory is sometimes not fast enough to pick up that changes. It seems that Tycho contacts the main update site for a repository list and then tries to fetch jars from the mirror. Am I correct with this assumption?


We then run into problems when some new artifacts are not available on our local mirror. Is there a way to tell Tycho: “if the mirror does not provide the requested file, download it from the original repo”?




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