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Re: [tycho-user] Mirrror miss strategy

IIRC mirrors for repository layout "p2" in maven settings.xml should redirect all traffic to the mirror specified, no fallback.
The main usecase here is to enable builds without internet access without having to change repo URLs in sourcecode.

However there are also mirrors on p2 metadata level

(this is what is using, see e.g. )

Did not try this myself but by adding a custom p2.mirrorsURL you may be able to achieve the desired behaviour.


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in our company we are using artifactory for p2 mirrors. Our Tycho builds now use target platforms pointing to eg and we define mirrors in our maven settings.

Now we also have some update sites that change quite frequently and artifactory is sometimes not fast enough to pick up that changes. It seems that Tycho contacts the main update site for a repository list and then tries to fetch jars from the mirror. Am I correct with this assumption?

We then run into problems when some new artifacts are not available on our local mirror. Is there a way to tell Tycho: "if the mirror does not provide the requested file, download it from the original repo"?


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