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Re: [tycho-user] Versions Maven Plugin and Tycho?

Hi David,

I have used display-plugin-updates recently to update our plugins and it worked well. I used this simple command to display a summary:
mvn versions:display-plugin-updates | grep "\\->" | sort | uniq

But as you said, this is just useful to check once it a while. I'm also curious about versions:lock-snapshots so I'll be watching the responses :)


From: tycho-user-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [tycho-user-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] on behalf of David M Williams [david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, 14 March 2015 12:02 PM
To: Tycho user list
Subject: [tycho-user] Versions Maven Plugin and Tycho?

I recently happened across this collection of "maven functionality":

Does anyone have any experience using these with Tycho builds? Do they "work"?
I'm especially interested in the following:


The first three just as a possible way to "check the build" every now and then ...
The fourth (lock-snapshots) as a way to "lock down" a snapshot,
say during a critical period of development (such as delivering a milestone).

I am partially asking since they seem oriented to "Maven 2". I could not find counterparts for "Maven 3".
Anyone know of similar, but better?, functionality for Maven 3 and/or Tycho?


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