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[tycho-user] Plugin Source bundles

Trying to figure out how to generate proper plugin source bundles for my product.

I’m having some degree of success using the tycho-source-plugin, however it’s not bundling the source into a structure that’s buildable.

Challenge #1: I can see that I can use the modify the plugin.xml/ window in Eclipse, and adjust what get’s packages that works about 90%.  The main issue is that by default, it places the source packages at the root of the jar (instead of inside a src directory).

Challenge #2: I have a variety of products that utilize a mixture of different plug-in bundles. Is there a way to aggregate only the source bundles that are used by a single application in one place?  How might I do this?

This is what I’ve placed in my parent pom:


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Klo
Senior Software Engineer
Center for Software Engineering
SRI International
t. @nsomnac

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