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[tycho-user] Tycho + Nexus + jar naming conventions.

Hello tycho gurus!

While trying to automate Eclipse bundles build using Maven, Tycho and Nexus, I've found a problem that I can not solve.
The problem is in resulting bundle name. In OSGI Conventions (
there is a recomendation to use <id>_<version>.jar, so '_' is a delimiter between id and version. But in nexus/maven builds
I get <id>-<version>.jar, so that '-' is a delimiter. I can fix final name using <finalName> node in pom.xml,
but still deploy phase to "nesus oss" results in <id>-<version>.jar name.

So the question is:
Is there any way to fix this behavior (deploy osgi bundle with underscore) or I can safely use '-' in bundle names?

Thanks in advanced

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