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[tycho-user] Tycho + Nexus OSS builds

Hello tycho gurus!

I'm trying to automate Eclipse plugin builds (using Jenkins) with Maven/Tycho.
My configuration looks like this:
1. Instance of Nexus OSS (https://my_server/nexus)
2. Static p2 repositories (https://my_server/p2/software_10000.1.0, https://my_server/p2/software_20000.2.0, etc )
that were build from target plarform of some (Eclipse RCP "software" ) and are not modifiable.
3. Jenkins CI build server (https://my_server/jenkins)

I would like to achieve the following scenario
1. I develop a "base custom plugin" that contains base customization stuff for Eclipse RCP "software" and should be built
with help of core p2 repositories (https://my_server/p2/software_10000.1.0, etc).
    This phase works (packages) ok in my environment.
2. Next I develop a "advanced custom plugin", that depends on "base custom plugin" and should also be built
with help of core p2 repositories.
    This phase I'm currently struggling with :)

So the question is:

If a "custom plugin B" depends on a "custom plugin A", this "custom plugin A" should be organized as
"update site/feature project" and placed into nexus repository, so tycho can pick it?

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