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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho + Nexus OSS builds

If you are using Nexus, then you should add the Nexus P2 plugins that allows to expose any Maven repo as a P2 repo (add .meta/p2 to the repo URL to get the corrresponding P2 repo URL).
So when you deploy your base plugin to Nexus, it will be added to the corresponding P2 repo.
When you build your advanced plugin, refer the Nexus P2 repo in the target file and add the base plugin.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 2:37 PM, Alexander Nikitin <nikitin.alexander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello tycho gurus!

I'm trying to automate Eclipse plugin builds (using Jenkins) with Maven/Tycho.
My configuration looks like this:
1. Instance of Nexus OSS (https://my_server/nexus)
2. Static p2 repositories (https://my_server/p2/software_10000.1.0, https://my_server/p2/software_20000.2.0, etc )
that were build from target plarform of some (Eclipse RCP "software" ) and are not modifiable.
3. Jenkins CI build server (https://my_server/jenkins)

I would like to achieve the following scenario
1. I develop a "base custom plugin" that contains base customization stuff for Eclipse RCP "software" and should be built
with help of core p2 repositories (https://my_server/p2/software_10000.1.0, etc).
    This phase works (packages) ok in my environment.
2. Next I develop a "advanced custom plugin", that depends on "base custom plugin" and should also be built
with help of core p2 repositories.
    This phase I'm currently struggling with :)

So the question is:

If a "custom plugin B" depends on a "custom plugin A", this "custom plugin A" should be organized as
"update site/feature project" and placed into nexus repository, so tycho can pick it?

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