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Re: [tycho-user] Getting started



I think that the EclipseCon 2013 website is experiencing some URL rewrite errors, but everything is still online:


* EclipseCon 2013:

Building Eclipse Plug-ins and RCP Applications with Tycho



* EclipseCon NA 2014:

Building Eclipse Plug-ins and RCP Applications with Tycho



* GitHub repo:

(It would be nice if someone updates this demo application to the latest tycho version)


I hope it helps.




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Subject: [tycho-user] Getting started


I am looking to switch from manual PDE builds to using Tycho.  My targets are RCP applications and OSGi server bundles.  Two questions:


1)      What is the recommended way to get started for a non-maven user like me?
The wiki documentation page refers to a EclipseCon Tyco tutorial but it is a dead link.  Google returned a result for EclipseCon tutorial but it had no working examples, only high level information.

2)      Can a single Tycho build resolve dependencies from both a target environment and from a maven/nexus repository?
Example: An RCP application that uses Hibernate JPA as persistence engine.  Hibernate does not maintain a p2 repo so I can’t easily include it in target environment but can get it easily from standard maven repo.  RCP does not maintain a maven repo (that I know of) but obviously does maintain p2 repo. 


Thanks for your time,

Timothy Vogel

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