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[tycho-user] Tycho and Target Platform Usage


I am a brand new Tycho user - so I apologize if this is a silly oversight on my part!  I am using v 0.21.0.

I have been following the tutorial found here: 
It has went pretty smoothly but I am having trouble using a *target file to define/configure my repository.

One 'wrinkle' in my setup is that I have a P2 repository that requires authentication.  So, I have the proper <server> element in my settings.xml to define the credentials.  When I build my multi-module project with a <repository> defined, I am able to successfully reference the remote P2 repo and retrieve all artifacts.

However, when I attempt to use the <target> element in my <configuration> node, it seems to simply be ignored, and then my build fails because it can't find any of the dependencies provided by the repository.  Furthermore, when running Maven in debug mode, I see no output to indicate that it is even trying to use this target platform configuration.

I am aware of the restriction that says the *target file must be named based on the artifactId - so I do have a file named in the root of the target project.  

Thanks for the help and let me know what other information I can provide to help.


Relevant POM config:

 <plugin> <groupId>org.eclipse.tycho</groupId> <artifactId>target-platform-configuration</artifactId> <configuration> <target> <artifact> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId></artifactId> </artifact> </target> <environments> <environment> <os>win32</os> <ws>win32</ws> <arch>x86</arch> </environment> <environment> <os>win32</os> <ws>win32</ws> <arch>x86_64</arch> </environment> <environment> <os>macosx</os> <ws>cocoa</ws> <arch>x86_64</arch> </environment> <environment> <os>linux</os> <ws>gtk</ws> <arch>x86_64</arch> </environment> <environment> <os>linux</os> <ws>gtk</ws> <arch>ppc64</arch> </environment> </environments> </configuration> </plugin>

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