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[tycho-user] "Default Auto-Start"-option for Tycho Surefire


I'd like to know if there is such a thing as a "Default Auto-Start" option for Tycho Surefire like it can be found for Eclipse Launch-Configurations?

I noticed that when I specify a distinct start level for a bundle in the pom.xml, like


the corresponding bundle entry in the generated config.ini gets generated with @6:start appended. But every bundle without a distinct start level is appended without ":start" to the osgi.bundles-parameter, so they remain in the "RESOLVED"-state after Equinox starts up.

My testcase relies on bundles starting automatically so my current workaround is to specifiy a start level for every deployed bundle which obviously makes the pom.xml grow a bit.

I couldn't find any configuration parameter to specify that all bundles should be started, so I'm wondering if there is a better way to achieve this without having to specify every start level. Additionally I would be happy if you could provide some insights on why Tycho Surefire works this way - at least from my point of view I'd guess that most testcases need the deployed bundles in the "ACTIVE"-state. Or is there some bug involved in the end (I'm using version 0.21.0)?


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