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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho Reactor + Maven Javadoc Aggregate


i got a version running using the tycho-document-bundle-plugin

unfortunately this solution has some restrictions

(1) you need a document bundle where you add all "to be included"
bundles explicitely

we run a custom doclet.
(2) had do fiddle manually to pass -doclet and -docletpath (filed 453602
for that)
(3) the toc generation expects the files generated from the std. doclet.
thus i had to run it twice (i filed 453601 for that)

you find the example using the aggregate plugin that is not working

(mvn clean install javadoc:aggregate works (if i remove the execution
from the parent pom) / mvn clean install verify not)


Description: Zip archive

Description: Zip archive

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