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[tycho-user] Tycho BREE, toolchains and JDK validation

Hi all,

I'm currently discovering the wonderful world of toolchains with the
tycho-compiler-plugin in order to compile using a JDK that matches my
bundles' BREE.

I have it mostly figured out, but there's one thing I can't figure out: With
<useJDK>BREE</useJDK>, is there any (easy) way to verify/enforce that the
picked up JDK is actually the version it is supposed to be?

I.e. fail if I have this in my toolchains.xml:

        <jdkHome>C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0/jre</jdkHome>

The maven-enforcer-plugin can verify the actual JDK version, but it doesn't
support toolchains.

The maven-toolchains-plugin's version specification seems to only select the
toolchain based on the version values in the toolchains.xml. It doesn't
verify the actual JDK/JRE version the toolchain points to.

I've also found which claims
to do this, but it doesn't seem to work with the way the
tycho-compiler-plugin uses toolchains.


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