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[tycho-user] Recommended process for generating p2 repository of external dependencies


We have some regularly changing external plugin dependencies that are deployed to a Nexus repository. As I understand it, in order for Tycho to be able to "see" and consume these bundles, we would need to first generate p2 metadata for them.

I am having some trouble figuring out the best workflow for systematically producing this p2 target platform, making it available for the upcoming Tycho build steps, as well as any subsequent local builds by developers.

I have considered using a separate Maven build to fetch the POM dependencies, generate the metadata, then redeploy a zipped p2 repository. However, I am not sure in which phase of my Tycho build, if such a possibility exists, I could fetch and "prepare" the zipped repository (i.e. unzip) before Tycho does its dependency resolution.

Another possibility I have considered is having my official build create the p2 repository and keep the latest version somewhere accessible by HTTP on the same machine. This would avoid unnecessary uploading and downloading to and from Nexus, though we would not have much versioning functionality then.

Is there a recommended solution for handling such cases where systematically processing external bundles is necessary?

Thank you very much in advance,


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