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[tycho-user] tycho-surefire-plugin & birt unitesting


I'm currently facing an issue with tycho-surefire-plugin version 0.21.0 for which I've found nothing relevant on the web.

I have a plugin c.m.s.c.charts that depends :
- explicitly on org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine,
- implicitly on org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine.extension and org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.swt

These 3 dependencies are put in the MANIFEST.MF and the RCP application is running well.

I also have a test fragment c.m.s.c.charts.tests based on this previous plugin.

I've written a few tests but surefire fails to run some of them with error message : Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.swt.SwtRendererImpl cannot be found by org.eclipse.birt.chart.engine_4.4.0.v201405191524

I've declared them like said in tycho FAQ:


And I've not the install error I got when tried with swt2:

ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
[ERROR]   You requested to install 'bundle org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.swt2 4.4.0' but it could not be found

At this point I'm really confused and I've now been stuck on it for hours.

Anyone could help me with this problem ?

By advance, many thanks,


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