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Re: [tycho-user] SWTBot + Tycho

Hi Mickael,


Thank you for the information, I better understand. Our product builds now successfully with all the tests, we can enjoy the power of build automation now!





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On 09/05/2014 04:58 PM, BERNARD, Alain wrote:

You’re right Mickael, SWTBot is not the cause of the error; as suggested by Jeff and Matthias the problem was due to missing dependencies declaration in the MANIFEST.MF file of the test plug-in. It works now!

It's what I call "behavioral dependencies", and it's pretty common for SWTBot tests: you don't need the bundles APIs to write your tests, but you need the bundle behavior to have your tests working. In that case, I believe it makes sense to list those dependencies in MANIFEST.MF.

The thing I don’t understand is: why is it required to declare the dependencies explicitly in this plugin instead of using the target platform or the product that we just built before? I thought that it was possible to “install” the test plug-in in the packaged product and to use it for the UI tests.

The target-platform doesn't define the classpath of your surefire tests. Tycho resolves a classpath against the target-platform and according to the dependencies of your bundle. So classpath is a subset of the target-platform.
About setting a product, it's a product as defined by the product extension point ( ) and NOT the product as defined with a .product, so it contains no info about packaging nor necessary bundles.

If you want to test about packaged applications, you might be interested in , which allows to use the product IU which defines the dependencies


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