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Re: [tycho-user] Using update sites with Tycho

On 08/22/2014 10:09 AM, martin.kamp-jensen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
1) Developers need to be able to work offline/with poor internet connectivity. As far as I have found, Tycho does not support file system update sites, at least officially [2] [3].
Actually, Tycho does support file system based URLs for repository, but not in the jar: format.
For example "file:/home/me/mirrors/luna" would be a valid URL for Tycho, and if this path contain a mirror of Luna repo, Tycho will use it.

A workaround might be to deploy the update site generated by p2-maven-plugin to a local HTTP server. It might even be a possibility that each developer runs a local Nexus instance since this could then proxy update sites for other dependencies such as Eclipse. Or something else?
This approach seems a bit too complicated IMO.
I would suggest instead that you'll have a look at how Tycho/Maven allows to define local mirror for repositories:
With that, you can just tell developers to get a copy of a repo, define it as a mirror in there settings.xml, and Tycho would use those local ones instead of the remote repositories

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