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[tycho-user] Using update sites with Tycho


We are in the process of updating from a heavily modified Tycho 0.8 environment (with Eclipse 3.7 and Java 6) to Tycho 0.21 (with Eclipse 4.4 and Java 8). One of the major changes for us is switching from a target platform consisting of Maven downloaded plug-ins and file system links to P2 update sites.

We found that p2-maven-plugin [1] is very helpful in downloading dependencies via Maven and converting them to bundles, if necessary. Finally, it makes it easy to generate an update site which we can upload to our Nexus instance. However, we are not sure about how to proceed since we have a few requirements/concerns. I hope you have some input and experiences to share. We have 30+ developers so we need a robust solution.

1) Developers need to be able to work offline/with poor internet connectivity. As far as I have found, Tycho does not support file system update sites, at least officially [2] [3]. A workaround might be to deploy the update site generated by p2-maven-plugin to a local HTTP server. It might even be a possibility that each developer runs a local Nexus instance since this could then proxy update sites for other dependencies such as Eclipse. Or something else?

2) In addition to the offline concerns, several developers may generate the update site at the same time because of changing dependencies. This should not normally happen very often but it is still something that we need to handle. We could try uploading to a developer-unique URL but it would be easier to keep the generated update site locally, preferably in the file system without HTTP server/Nexus instance to keep things simple.

3) Our CI environment (which builds multiple branches in parallel) also needs to handle the generated update site. However, in this case we think it is fine to upload the generated update site to a Nexus instance, including some branch id for uniqueness.

All feedback is welcome. Thank you.

Best regards,


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