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Re: [tycho-user] Possible to have Tycho compile fork from command line?


I work for a company called KDM Analytics, that develops a number of
products that can analyse software, including the build process. Currently
we are able to monitor any process , like javac fork, which is what is used
to track a standard maven build. However, we also use the tycho plugin for
some of own builds and would like to apply our products to this build
environment as well. In our context performance is not a primary concern. We
do attempt to minimize the impact to an existing build so that customers are
not required to modify potentially complex builds in order to have our
products monitor their software. I use the term monitor lightly since we do
much more ... basically we generate a number of code models which represent
the actual software system based on the KDM metadata standard. 

Like anything there is the low hanging fruit. In this case we will just need
to be dig a little deeper.

Again thanks for the response.


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Out of curiosity, why do you want/need to fork compilation in another

I work on new Maven java compiler plugin implementation and from our tests
it is always preferable to run inside jvm from performance point of view.
Bugs in javac 6 annotation processing implementation is the only reason we
need to fork, so I am curious why you want to fork jdt compiler.


On 2014-03-28, 12:39, Robert Fradette wrote:
> I would like to specify using -D options on the maven command line to 
> have the Tycho compile plugin fork and use a specific JDK. Wondering 
> if anyone knows how to do this. Currently performing this task for 
> standard builds with the following command line to given an idea:
> mvn  -Dmaven.compiler.fork=true
> -Dmaven.compiler.forceJavaCompilerUse=true clean install
> For a number of technical reasons we do not wish to modify existing 
> pom files to suite.
> Thanks
> Robert
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