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Re: [tycho-user] Release OSGi bundles/projects with Tycho

Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> "On the other hand, parent POMs or eclipse-repository artifacts do
> deserve a non-SNAPSHOT version."
> Perhaps I'm just being ignorant here, but why is that, why do parent
> POMs and eclipse repository artifacts deserve a non-SNAPSHOT version?
> (and therefore not having ".qualifier" in the version) ?

well, to ensure build reproducibility a project's parent POM should be
stable; the build shouldn't behave differently when someone changes the
parent POM.

In the case of the eclipse-repository artifacts, the reasoning is a bit
different: non-SNAPSHOT versions are kept in Nexus forever, whereas
SNAPSHOTs may be garbage-collected, but having zipped backups of all
your update sites in Nexus is simply nice.

Hope that explains things.


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