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Re: [tycho-user] how to get eclipse repos fixed?

Title: Re: [tycho-user] how to get eclipse repos fixed?
Hi David,

thanks, and yes, that helps a lot!  I inherited this repository configuration, and I'm trying to debug it.

I eventually removed the release-staging repository and finally was able to get a repeatable build.

It also could explain why we have had random failures in our eclipse build in the past..

I still don't understand a lot about p2 repositories, but I'm learning fast.. thanks very much for the pointers. :)


At 9:42 PM -0500 12/20/13, David M Williams wrote:

is not a good choice of a repository to "build against" because it is repeatedly, intentionally, deleted and replaced.
(And, in fact, it is not "mirrored", like retained repositories, for that reason).

At some points in time it might seem like a good choice, because it is only deleted once a week or so,
but at other times, (such as this past week, right before M4), it might be deleted and replaced 5 or 8 times per day.
In those periods, there would be many windows of opportunity that someone might fetch the "content" data but by the time
their build went to get some particular 'artifact', all of them would have been deleted ... and you just happened to be needing during one of those windows.

The tool we use to create that repository, the b3 Aggregator Editor, does in fact "check the integrity" of the repository.

There's obviously some "weak links" in terms of process (and composites repositories) but each individual aggregated repository it creates is internally consistent.

To answer another of your questions, while what you are seeing is not a bug, per se, if you ever did see a bug in one of the retained repositories, such as
.../releases/luna, the place to report it is in the "Cross-Project component".

While I have no solution for you, I hope that information at least helps explain (probably) what you are experiencing,

From:        Russ Tremain <russt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Cc:        nexus-user@xxxxxxxxxxxx, m2e-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        12/19/2013 05:06 PM
Subject:        [tycho-user] how to get eclipse repos fixed?
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I have a build using the tycho plugin to pull down p2 content from and it appears that:


is missing from that repository, but there are still references to it
in content.xml:

    <unit id="" singleton="false"
      <update id=""
range="[0.0.0,1.0.300.v20130830-1837)" severity="0" />
      <properties size="9">
        <property name="df_LT.bundleVendor" value="" />
        <property name="df_LT.bundleName" value="PDE UA UI Source" />
        <property name="" value="%bundleName" />
        <property name="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.provider"
value="%bundleVendor" />
        <property name="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.bundle.localization"
value="OSGI-INF/l10n/bundle-src" />
        <property name="maven-groupId" value="org.eclipse.pde" />
        <property name="maven-artifactId" value="" />
        <property name="maven-version" value="1.0.300-SNAPSHOT" />
        <property name="maven-classifier" value="sources" />
      <provides size="4">
        <provided name=""
namespace="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu" />
        <provided name=""
version="1.0.300.v20130830-1837" namespace="osgi.bundle" />
        <provided name="source" version="1.0.0"
namespace="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.eclipse.type" />
        <provided name="df_LT" version="1.0.0"
namespace="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.localization" />
      <artifacts size="1">
        <artifact id=""
classifier="osgi.bundle" version="1.0.300.v20130830-1837" />
      <touchpoint id="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.osgi" version="1.0.0" />
      <touchpointData size="1">
        <instructions size="1">
          <instruction key="manifest">Bundle-SymbolicName:
Bundle-Version: 1.0.300.v20130830-1837</instruction>

Maven throws an error because it can't download the artifact (from
nexus in this case):

[ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException:
"Messages while reading artifacts from child repositories":
["Messages while reading artifacts from child repositories":
["Problems while reading artifacts from
["HTTP Server 'Internal Error':
"Problems while reading artifacts from
["HTTP Server 'Internal Error':
"Messages while reading artifacts from child repositories":
["Problems while reading artifacts from
["HTTP Server 'Internal Error':
-> [Help 1]


We have these problems periodically and generally the solution has
been to try to route around the offending repository, but that is not
always possible.

How do I verify that the artifact is truly missing from the external
p2 repository?

Are there programs run against these repositories that periodically
scan for missing artifacts and repair the metadata?

How do we file a "bug" against the offending provider ( in
this case)?

Is there any way to get tycho to "forgive" certain errors in
transitive dependencies?

I'm very interested in how others debug and correct this type of problems.

I did find a nice tool that Igor Fedorenko wrote, that I found
helpful in validating p2 site url's, but it doesn't do any
consistency checks on the remote p2 repository.

thanks in advance,

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