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Re: [tycho-user] Recommendation for manipulation of MANIFEST.MF and class files

I don't know about eclipselink, but openjpa provides a maven plugin that
may work with Tycho (have not tried it myself though).

There is no good way to manipulate bundle manifests during the build.
Tycho does change bundle version, but there is no mechanism for plugins
to make other changes at the moment.



On 2013-09-03 2:20 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

I'm thinking about weaving my JPA entities at compile time. Ideally I'd
like to implement the following two actions during a Tycho compilation
of my OSGi bundle:

1. Enhance class files
2. Add EclipseLink bundle dependencies to MANIFEST.MF

Task 1 can be done by Ant run. I'm using EclipseLink and it provides an
Ant task for weaving. I found the following snippet. But before I go
ahead and try it I was wondering if there is anyone around with
experience weather this should work or not.

         <configuration> … </configuration>

Can I use the "process-classes" phase also for manipulations to the
bundle manifest? I'd like to process the manifest in order to ensure
that dependencies to the EclipseLink bundles are there.


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