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[tycho-user] Recommendation for manipulation of MANIFEST.MF and class files


I'm thinking about weaving my JPA entities at compile time. Ideally I'd like to implement the following two actions during a Tycho compilation of my OSGi bundle:

1. Enhance class files
2. Add EclipseLink bundle dependencies to MANIFEST.MF

Task 1 can be done by Ant run. I'm using EclipseLink and it provides an Ant task for weaving. I found the following snippet. But before I go ahead and try it I was wondering if there is anyone around with experience weather this should work or not.

        <configuration> … </configuration>

Can I use the "process-classes" phase also for manipulations to the bundle manifest? I'd like to process the manifest in order to ensure that dependencies to the EclipseLink bundles are there.


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