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Re: [tycho-user] How to use the pom first bundle example?


I am sorry, I didn't found
on my first try.

But the tycho project build fails for me. It always tries to retrieve the artifacts over
the repositories like helios or my nexus instance.

To my questions before, I found out that I can control how the dependencies are bundled,
but I am unsure what the recommend way is.
Shall I create a bundle project which contains all libraries or better split them up?
Has anyone else such a situation?

Furthermore I try to use the bundled third-party libraries in my project. I am using for example the API from svnkit. In the example there is a wrapper to use the StringUtils.
Is that the only way?
Are there any samples, otherwise I am willing to create a full example with pomfirst

Best Regards,

Christian Schulz

Am 03.09.2013 09:25, schrieb Christian Schulz:

I have found the pom first bundle example in git and I am unsure how to use it. In general it works for me on command line. Don't know if I need something
else to run it in my pde.

But I want to add additional third-party libraries. I read all pom files from the project, but I don't really understand, why we need two projects (pomfirst-bundle
and pomfirst-thirdparty) to achieve the goal.

Furthermore for me is unclear, where I have to add the dependency correctly.
Do I need for each dependency an own project or is one okay?

Thanks for any hints.

Best Regards,

Christian Schulz
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