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Re: [tycho-user] Dependency management with tycho

On 1 August 2013 15:34, Christian Schulz <christian.schulz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have at the moment the problem that I want to use libraries like logback or commons-cli,
> which aren't available as RCP plugin.
> So my idea was to use maven, but only adding it as dependency isn't enough.
> Eclipse doesn't recognize the new added dependencies. How are you managing such cases?

I create a p2 repo using the eclipse-feature packaging type and
deployableFeature option, and add the resulting directory to my PDE
target platform. Or, I install it into an Eclipse installation, and
set my target platform to point to the result. It's probably not the
best way to do it, but it's the way I settled on some time ago.

You might be interested in these projects:

p2-maven-plugin creates a p2 repository for dependencies which don't
have a p2 repo already.

pde-target-maven-plugin adds dependencies in your local repo to your
pde target platform.

I haven't used either, so can't say much about them.


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