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[tycho-user] Unsatisfied dependency to fragment in feature



We are building large eclipse project using maven and tycho.


I have split the whole project into several reactors.


Problem what I have is that when last reactor is build, it has internal dependency to result of previous reactors.


When I checked maven repository I see that plugins are available but they have not correct version. The feature is installed in maven repository with version containing –SNAPSHOT, also created jar has SNAPSHOT in name, but when I check context of feature.xml I see qualifier replaced with a build date and all plugins have also replaced qualifier in versions. So then this feature can’t find the plugin because in maven repository is accessible with SNAPSHOT and not with exact version.


Can you please let me know what can be wrong here.






Kind regards / S pozdravem



Jan Pešta

SW Engineer Sr.


CertiCon a.s.,

Vaclavska 12

12000 Prague 2

Czech Republic


Office Prague: +420 224 904 406

Mobile: +420 604 794 306


E-mail: jan.pesta@xxxxxxxxxxx


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