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[tycho-user] Bundle-SymbolicName different to artifactId


What are the consequences of having the Bundle-SymbolicName different to the artifactId?

I realise that no one is likely to provide support for using tycho in this manner, but I'm interested to know whether there are any known problems I might run in to?

The reason I ask is that I'm thinking of moving a bundle containing Eclipse plugin documentation from a maven-bundle-plugin build into the tycho build where it's consumed. I'm not certain yet whether this is a good idea in this particular case, so I'm reluctant to change the artifactId just yet.

Obviously, tycho will fail the build on the validate-id goal. But I'm thinking of disabling that goal for now... until I'm certain I want to leave it in the tycho build, when I'd be happy to change the artifactId.


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