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Re: [tycho-user] Discovery URL from feature.xml not reflected in content.xml

See inline.

Andreas Sewe wrote:
> Tobias Oberlies wrote:
> > Where does the repository contain the URL? In the headers or in one of
> the units?
> Here's what the content.xml of "Export/Deployable features" looks like:
>   <repository name='Exported Repository'
> type='org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.metadata.repository.LocalMetadataRep
> ository'
> version='1.0.0'>
>     <properties size='2'>
>       <property name='p2.timestamp' value='1373557114559'/>
>       <property name='p2.compressed' value='true'/>
>     </properties>
>     <references size='2'>
>       <repository uri='' url=''
> type='1' options='0'/>
>       <repository uri='' url=''
> type='0' options='0'/>
>     </references>
>   ...
> So it's in the headers of the repository, I guess.
> > In the former case, this wouldn't work because when eclipse-repository
> aggregates the build result, it only copies units and not repository
> headers.
> Well, what I don't get is why something that was part of the unit (being
> declared in the unit's feature.xml [1]) got moved to the
> repository-header level.

I think what is wrong here is that it is possible to specify repository URLs in features. I think this is a historic relict of the old update manager, and p2 tries to make the best of it copying the information to the repository level.
> Is there any chance that this will be supported in future versions of
> Tycho or do I fundamentally misunderstand what eclipse-repository does?

It is clear that Tycho needs to support some way to specify discovery URLs - but I don't think that this will be via the feature.xml format. Instead, there are some ideas in p2 to create a new repository descriptor format which supports this [1]. Tycho anyway will need a new format for other reasons [2], so if [1] doesn't take off, we could also add this feature as follow-up of [2].



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