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Re: [tycho-user] Discovery URL from feature.xml not reflected in content.xml

Where does the repository contain the URL? In the headers or in one of the units?

In the former case, this wouldn't work because when eclipse-repository aggregates the build result, it only copies units and not repository headers.


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Subject: [tycho-user] Discovery URL from feature.xml not reflected in content.xml

Hi all,

I have a feature, whose feature.xml defines a feature/url/discovery
element. When I export this feature using the the "Export/Deployable
features" wizard the resulting p2 repository's content.xml contains the
appropriate repository/references/repository elements.

However, if I build the eclipse-repository using Tycho 0.18, the
context.xml produced lacks these elements.

Why is that? Does the tycho-p2-repository(?)-plugin use a different
piece of logic than Eclipse's exporter?


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