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Re: [tycho-user] Maven/Tycho change target for a individual module

Maven won't put it into the local repository unless you are using install on the command line. Furthermore each module will have its own target/ directory with a jar in there. 


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On 11 Jul 2013, at 08:49, "Pradeep Simha" <pradeep.simha@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear tycho members ,


I am new to maven and tycho, basically I am building a eclipse plugin projects using maven. I have around 18-20 eclipse plugin projects. My build structure is as follows:



  |___ pom.xml   //Responsible for building all 18 projects.


And individual plugin projects as:


  |___ pom.xml

  |___ output





  |___ pom.xml

  |___ output

What I want is final jar file which maven builds should go into individual output folders, but currently maven is putting all output into local repository. What configuration should I do in order to achieve above? Snippet of parent pom.xml and child pom.xml is below: ( I am giving only relavent sections)


Parent Pom:














Child pom:










Can anyone guide me in this?



With Regards,

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