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Re: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project

>From what I can tell, what you have is a split package [1] with the additional complication that some of the classes come fom a fragment.
At this point, all I can recommend is to avoid split packages altogether, even more in combination with fragments.
E.g. there are known bugs in p2 [2] which prevent split package disambiguation.

If we would know the problem you are trying to solve here, we might be able to give better advice.



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Subject: [tycho-user] dependency on a fragment in a sibling project

Hi all,
I have a project where the parent has two children A & B.  A is a fragment that is providing an additional class via package to the host bundle (H) .  H exports package  B is an eclipse-plugin that imports the packages

When my I run maven compile at the parent.  A builds fine.  And B chokes when looking for the new class in

Note:  B is referencing the project A via a <dependency> declaration in its pom.

I hope that was clear, any additional info I can provide let me know.


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