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Re: [tycho-user] Bundling JREs with my Product

2013/6/18 Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxx>:
> Or Google it. I'm using the following I found through a search:
> /
> Doug.

Hello Doug,

I have come across this July 2012 link.
If you think it's the panacea, good for you, but for me it's far from
ideal, and that's why I'm asking for an update on the best way of
doing things currently, e.g. a year later.

Especially, this last bit annoys me a lot, and I'd like to know if
there's a better way:

"The only piece left is to obtain the JRE itself. Unfortunately the
Oracle JRE’s cannot be downloaded direct from Orcale automatically
(see e.g. here) so they must be manually downloaded, installed and the
the jre directory copied across for each version and platform you need
to support."

Seems like repetitive / tedious / error prone work that could be
avoided if there's a central place to put each new public revision of
say open jdk 7.
A maven repo ?
A p2 repository ?
Already done ? Where ?

That's why, among other things, I ask here on the ml, to humans, and
not just the google bot.



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