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Re: [tycho-user] Bundling JREs with my Product


I'm asking here, because AFAIK, this was a WIP on the tycho side, so
it seems natural to ask for updates here first.



2013/6/18 Oberlies, Tobias <tobias.oberlies@xxxxxxx>:
> (Just a meta-answer - I don't actually have a solution to your problem.)
> If this is a frequently asked question, and one which will need updates over time, then the mailing list is probably not the best channel.
> So, how about asking the question on instead? There, both updating questions and/or answers, and incentivising an update (through a bounty), is possible.
> Regards
> Tobias
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>> Subject: [tycho-user] Bundling JREs with my Product
>> Hello,
>> I know this question as been asked before, but not recently AFAICT, so
>> I'd like an update on the subject, please.
>> I want to include a JRE with my product, e.g. the user can use the
>> product even if there is no JRE properly installed/configured yet on
>> his computer.
>> What is the easiest way to do it with tycho, as of today ?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -- Laurent
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