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Re: [tycho-user] Bundling JREs with my Product

(Just a meta-answer - I don't actually have a solution to your problem.)

If this is a frequently asked question, and one which will need updates over time, then the mailing list is probably not the best channel.

So, how about asking the question on instead? There, both updating questions and/or answers, and incentivising an update (through a bounty), is possible.


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> Subject: [tycho-user] Bundling JREs with my Product
> Hello,
> I know this question as been asked before, but not recently AFAICT, so
> I'd like an update on the subject, please.
> I want to include a JRE with my product, e.g. the user can use the
> product even if there is no JRE properly installed/configured yet on
> his computer.
> What is the easiest way to do it with tycho, as of today ?
> Thanks in advance,
> -- Laurent
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