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Re: [tycho-user] mixed tycho and standard maven build (multiple-reactors?)

I am not aware of anyone who used dependency from regular jar to tycho
project work. Tycho project dependencies are not transitive, so the
regular jar will have to explicitly list all its Tycho dependencies. I
can't think of any other problems off the top of my head.


On 2013-06-17 10:26 PM, Eric Gwin wrote:

Well, the order you have is backward, but ok (the regular jars depend
upon the OSGi bundles). How are the builds tied together then? The code
is interdependent, and global definitions need to be the same:
qualifiers, etc. I need to be able to insure the the jars are built
against the same revision bundle. (for example: if the tycho build were
to fail, a separate jar build would simply use the latest SNAPSHOT -
which would look like but not be a successful build).

Are you saying I'd need to tie the two together with another tool, like
ANT, or shell scripts? No way to invoke with Maven?


On 17/06/2013 1:06 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
You have to have two separate builds, first to build and install/deploy
your regular jars, then to build tycho projects. This is what is meant
by "multiple reactors".


On 2013-06-17 9:02 PM, Eric Gwin wrote:

I suspect this is a standard maven question, but whenever I mention
'tycho' on the maven forums I get referred to this list for help. So
I've searched for answers on the web, and because I haven't been able to
piece together a coherent picture I am asking this here. In case it
isn't obvious I am trying to migrate a fully automated Ant process over
to Maven.

There have been several posts asking question about using tycho to build
a plugin and also build a standard jar project. The answer has been you
can't do this in the same reactor - what isn't covered is how to setup a
multi-reactor project.

For simplicity let's say I have eight artifacts I need to create. three
are OSGi bundles, three are supplementary libraries with dependencies
upon the OSGi 'jars', one is an uber library containing the classes of
all 6 for those outside of OSGi, and the last is a zip archiving the
whole she-bang.

seems I need something like:

- uber-parent
- - tycho parent
- - - tychoProjA
- - - tychoProjB
- - - tychoProjC
- - pojo parent
- - - pojoProjA (<depend> on tychoProjA)
- - - pojoProjB (<depend> on tychoProjB)
- - - pojoProjC (<depend> on tychoProjA and B)
- - uberJar (using shade plugin?)
- - installZip (using packaging plugin?)

but I can find no reference to a parent initiating a separate reactor
build, nor any examples of such. Any suggestions on how to accomplish



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