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Re: [tycho-user] mixed tycho and standard maven build (multiple-reactors?)

You have to have two separate builds, first to build and install/deploy
your regular jars, then to build tycho projects. This is what is meant
by "multiple reactors".


On 2013-06-17 9:02 PM, Eric Gwin wrote:

I suspect this is a standard maven question, but whenever I mention
'tycho' on the maven forums I get referred to this list for help. So
I've searched for answers on the web, and because I haven't been able to
piece together a coherent picture I am asking this here. In case it
isn't obvious I am trying to migrate a fully automated Ant process over
to Maven.

There have been several posts asking question about using tycho to build
a plugin and also build a standard jar project. The answer has been you
can't do this in the same reactor - what isn't covered is how to setup a
multi-reactor project.

For simplicity let's say I have eight artifacts I need to create. three
are OSGi bundles, three are supplementary libraries with dependencies
upon the OSGi 'jars', one is an uber library containing the classes of
all 6 for those outside of OSGi, and the last is a zip archiving the
whole she-bang.

seems I need something like:

- uber-parent
- - tycho parent
- - - tychoProjA
- - - tychoProjB
- - - tychoProjC
- - pojo parent
- - - pojoProjA (<depend> on tychoProjA)
- - - pojoProjB (<depend> on tychoProjB)
- - - pojoProjC (<depend> on tychoProjA and B)
- - uberJar (using shade plugin?)
- - installZip (using packaging plugin?)

but I can find no reference to a parent initiating a separate reactor
build, nor any examples of such. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?



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