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[tycho-user] confused how to build a plugin using tycho

Hi all,
I'm struggling with tycho a bit.  I have two eclipse plugins that I've built.  I want to package these, and dependencies into a p2 repo so that the user can install them from remote site using "Install New Software".  I packaged it into a feature using directions on the tycho site, but I fail to grok how I can get these features deployable in a P2 repo.  Most of what I read keeps pointing me back to an Eclipse Product.  But I'm not sure that is what I want.  My plugins should be installable as plugins, and aren't wanting to be an application per se.  I don't think my plugins should provide an impl to the IApplcation interface cause it really just a couple of plugins.  Also, the eclipse p2 repository plugin seems to only provide archive-products and materialize-products execution goals.  So its seems limited to working with a .product file.

Do I need my plugin to provide an application definition?  Can I create a p2 repo from a features definition alone?

So confused, help appreciated,

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