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[tycho-user] Odd behaviour with pomDependencies=consider and a features's dependencies

Hi all,

I am trying to build (with both Tycho 0.17 & 0.18) a feature that
contains a bundle available as a Maven-style dependency only [1]:

In my feature.xml:


In my feature's pom.xml:




Unfortunately, Tycho fails with a "Unable to satisfy dependency [...] to
org.apache.camel.camel-test 0.0.0" message. Any suggestions what I might
be doing wrong?

The really odd thing (and also the workaround I am using right now ;-)
is that when I list the dependency in the reactors's root POM (the
parent POM of the feature), then Tycho considers the POM dependency.
Should I file a bug about this?

Best wishes,



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