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[tycho-user] running swtbot with my eclipse target platform without shipping it

Hi all,

What's the right way to run SWT bot tests against our explicitly defined target platform?

We are creating an eclipse app and have swtbot plugins to run tests against it.  If we add our custom plugins, SWTbot plugins and our SWTbot tests to the target platform we can run the tests against our app.  This also means we would ship the tests with the app.

What are our options?

- multiple target platform definitions?
- component scope in target platform (similar to maven dependency scope)?
- different organization between our app and SWTbot tests to use implicit target definition?

Please let me know if you know of a good example.  The doc below has TBD right where I'd like more information.

When I'm done, I'll add in what I find to the doc.



Peter Kahn
Awareness - Intention - Action

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