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[tycho-user] Tycho + SonaType Nexus: Create Eclipse Target Platform

Hello Guys,

we are developing an OSGi Application with a RAP UI deployed into Eclipse Virgo.

The Application contains two components:

1. A core unit which is plain OSGi

2. A Eclipse RAP UI

For the first component we are using maven to build the bundles, for the second Part (the RAP UI ) we are using maven tycho.

With the help of Sonatype Nexus i was able to build tycho without pom dependencies (using only p2 repository's).

We deploy our SNAPSHOTS/RELEASES and a handfull of 3rd partie librarys which are not available in an existing p2 repository to nexus and the p2 aggregator/repository plugin automatically creates a p2 repository.

We have proxied Eclipse Orbit,RAP the RAP Incubator and STS (for spring libraries) and grouped it together.

Now when i point tycho to the URL of our nexus instance the build is successful.

In the next step we want to create a Target Platform for this and future, similar projects.

When i point eclipse to the URL of our p2 group (the same which works fine for tycho) eclipse can not satisfy the dependencies for the Spring libraries, and does not recognize our uploaded jars.

Is it possible to create an Target Platform with tycho which contains the bundles/plugins collect during build time and share it with other developers?

RIght now we have collected all jars from the various sources stated above and placed them into a local directory

If not maybe someone can point me into the right direction?

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