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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho builds eclipse-target-definitions after eclipse-plugins in Reactor. Problem?

Hi Tobias,

> What you are seeing here is an effect of how Tycho integrates with
> Maven: Target files are processed very early in the build, and
> independent of the module they are located in. The steps that are
> actually performed as part of the normal eclipse-target-definition build
> are not needed by the running reactor but may only be needed in a
> subsequent build that references the same target file.
> So in short: there is no need for any worries. Hopefully things will get
> less confusing with

thanks for the clarification. BTW, I am not overly worried. Given what
it does (maxing and matching Maven and OSGi, each = with their own
idiosyncrasies), Tycho works astonishingly well already.

Best wishes,

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