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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho builds eclipse-target-definitions after eclipse-plugins in Reactor. Problem?

This is not a problem until you get an error in one of the modules of the reactor and just want to rebuild that module. Unless the target platform modules have been installed in the local Maven repository, it is not possible to re-build...

This is much like the problem outlined in and I have just moved my target platform modules to the beginning of the product-specific top-level POM...


On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 11:04 AM, Jeff MAURY <jeffmaury@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm having the same symptom with no problem at all.


On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Andreas Sewe <andreas.sewe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

not sure whether I should be worried or not. Based on our POM [1] Tycho
schedules the build of our eclipse-target-definition artifacts *after*
the eclipse-plugin artifacts that are build w.r.t. to this target platform:

> [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [INFO] Reactor Build Order:
> [INFO]
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.parent
> [INFO] releng
> [INFO] coding-conventions
> [INFO] licenses
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.plugin.parent
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.utils
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.injection
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.utils.rcp
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.rcp
> [INFO] org.eclipse.recommenders.completion.rcp
> [INFO] targets
> [INFO] Eclipse 3.x Target Definition
> [INFO] Eclipse 4.2 Target Definition
> [INFO] Eclipse 4.3 Target Definition

Is this to be expected? Or is this a problem?

In the analogous(?) case of plugin dependencies, (e.g., the "licenses"
and "coding-conventions" artifacts), Maven/Tycho places them before the
projects that require the dependencies in the Reactor.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

Best regards,


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