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[tycho-user] Can Tycho Compute target platform from local files instead of using nexus?

Hi all,

We integrated tycho into a larger maven build.  Each time we build tycho starts "Computing target platform for MavenProject" and spends a minute chatting with our nexus p2 repository.  I'd like to configure tycho so it works similar to m2 snapshots and only checks nexus if the local p2 repository lacks files or once per day.

Is there a way to configur tycho to compute it's platform from $HOME/.m2/repository/p2 instead of the more remote nexus repository?

[INFO] Computing target platform for MavenProject: com....feature:4.0.0-SNAPSHOT @ trunk/.../pom.xml
[INFO] Loading repository '' from mirror 'p2-internal-repository' at 'http://mynexus/nexus/content/groups/'



Peter Kahn
Awareness - Intention - Action

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